Aldi Produce Picks through 5/10/14

by Cristi on May 4, 2014. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link


Aldi does NOT accept coupons Manufacturer Coupons! Aldi Produce Picks for the week through 5/10/14.


Chiquita Bananas = $.29/lb
Mangoes = $.39 each
Blackberries (6oz) = $.99
Kiwi (16oz) = $.99
Chiquita Pineapple = $1.19 each
Strawberries (1lb) = $1.19


Just an FYI, make sure you have a quarter with you when you head to Aldi! The grocery carts require a quarter to release them, but you will get it back!!! Also, don’t forget you need your own bags!


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