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Coupon Basics: Couponing Is More Powerful with Ibotta!

by Cristi on January 22, 2014. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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Ibotta is a technology company that builds tools to empower consumers and simplify their daily lives. Instead of taking the same, tired old coupon format and just transitioning it onto a mobile device, Ibotta completely reimagined the way that consumers learn about and interact with their favorite brands. The result is a mobile experience that replaces couponing with a fun series of game-like interactions that give consumers what they actually want: personalized offers that can be redeemed in all the major retailers, and real cash rewards instead of credits or points.

Simply sign up for an Ibotta account and you can begin to earn money for for buying select products at places like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy and more! Each product listed will have an expiration date, so make sure to note that!

Once you’ve made a purchase that includes one or more of the items listed, you just upload your receipt by taking a picture of it! NEW FRIENDS THAT JOIN CAN EARN UP TO $10 IN WELCOME BONUSES JUST FOR REDEEMING OFFERS IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS!!!  After you earn $5+, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account… just that simple!!!

Referrals: You can also get additional monies when you refer friends! Ibotta will pay you $1 for every friend who signs up.

It’s easy – just Invite Friends from within the app or email them your personal referral link, and we’ll do the rest. There’s no limit to how much you can earn!

I’ve used this app for a long time now and have had great success making a few extra $$$, so it’s well worth the FREE download 😉  I haven’t posted many Ibotta deals due to the holidays, but be on the lookout as there are plenty to come!


Check out the latest Ibotta Deals HERE!! For more info on Ibotta, check out our post HERE and HERE!


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Couponing Basics- You CAN Buy Healthy on a Budget…Here’s HOW!

by Cristi on January 17, 2014. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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kss-healthy1With 2014 underway and while everyone is ready to kick off the New Year saving $$, I thought it would be good to send out a reminder about one CRITICAL couponing myth…that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. HUH?!?!?

kss-healthy2When deals like SUPER TRIPLES come around (as well as other deals we highlight on our page), you can easily score great deals on good food!  Between sale prices and the coupon savings, you’re in for some MAJOR scores!  I’m highlighting in the pics above just how you can score healthy foods on a budget, and these deals are just from the SUPER TRIPLES this week alone!

Cascadian Farm Cereal and Granola runs about  $3.77  – $.3.99 at Schnucks, but with the right deal we scoredthem for just $.25!

Nasoya Tofu runs about $3.49 at Schnucks, but with the right deal we scored it for just $1.24!

Quaker Oatmeal runs about $2.99 at Schnucks, but with the right deal we scored it for just $.88!

Cascadian Farm  Frozen Spinach runs about $3.29 at Dierbergs, but with the right deal we scored it for just $1.04!

kss-muir-glen (1)If you followed along with us last week, you’ll know we also highlighted some HOT Whole Foods deals too!  So these are just some highlights of recent HOT and HEALTHY deals to show you that no matter how you eat, you can save BIG on healthy items too with King-Size Savings 😉

Muir Glen Tomato Sauce at Whole Foods runs about $1.19, but with the right sale and coupon… you can grab them for just $.19!

With helpful tips from our Stockpiling Tips post, you can easily begin to build a nice stash of healthy foods! You can also check out our Couponing 101 Series for additional couponing tips to help you on your savings journey 🙂


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Coupon Basics- Using Online Coupon Codes

by Cristi on January 15, 2014. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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kss couponsYou didn’t think we forgot did you?!? Internet printable coupons aren’t the ONLY coupons you can score online! There are lots of ways to score discounts when shopping online too!

Retail Store Websites– Oftentimes you can visit your favorite store online and somewhere across their main page you can find their latest promotions which may include a coupon code for you to use upon checkout.  Requires minimal effort as the code is right there for you to use!  In addition, if you’ve signed up for email alerts with various companies, they may even email you various promotions/codes to use just because you’re a “special” customer!

ebatesEbates– a great avenue to shop online, earn cash back AND use coupon codes!! It offers savings all around!! Sign Up Bonuses offer NEW Ebates members a $10 gift card after making their first purchase of $25 or more. PLUS  they pay their members to shop online by allowing them to earn a percentage cash back for each transaction, as well as offer $5 for referring friends to join in!

shop-at-homeShop at Home–  works similarly to Ebates. Earn Cash Back by shopping online at your favorite stores. As with Ebates, you’ll often see “Cash Back” percentages posted on select deals showing you just how much you can earn shopping with either site. Receive $5 for each friend you refer who makes a purchase too, so sign up NOW and start earning!

Online Coupon Code Websites– besides checking the stores website or Ebates/Shop at Home, you can also check sites like, which offers lists of ANY available coupon codes for most stores! Just type in the store where you’re looking to shop at and it’ll usually pull up any codes you can use, including feedback from users on if the code works or if it’s expired!


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Coupon Basics- Coupon Organization

by Cristi on January 8, 2014. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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kss couponsThere are several ways to keep and protect those little money-makers we call coupons! While it will ultimately vary depending on how many coupon inserts you gather each week, here are a few ways to keep those babies organized…

Pink Cadillac

Envelope/Folder Method:  You can keep each insert whole, label them with the date and keep each week’s inserts in a folder or large envelope.  This option is good if you don’t have a lot of inserts each week.  BE SURE to label the insert as well as the folder in case they get separated so that you can keep them together 😉

Expandable File Method– You can use this option for those that keep a few inserts around each week.  Label both the insert as well as the tabs.  This is another great option if you’re not really into clipping all of those coupons and just looking for a way to keep organized.  On the other hand, you can clip your coupons and use this method by sectioning them off according to category.

Binder– This is a great option for those who keep a lot of coupons!  It’s a good way to keep all of those clipped coupons organized and readily available to “go” anytime you need to make a run to the store! The Coupon Clutch is a great place to go for these as we’ve posted promotions from them several times before (in is included in the pic above).  I used this ALL THE TIME when I didn’t have TONS of coupons to clip and it worked beautifully! Just organize by category and clip away 😉


coOther Coupon Organizer Methods– If you recall, I recently reviewed the ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer from our very own Carie 😉 It’s a good alternative for those of us who clip… but not EVERYTHING! Use it to store coupons, lists AND weekly ads (or whole inserts if you’re on the run one particular week)!  It’s more like an ALL-IN-ONE. I actually use this, combined with the envelope/folder option considering I keep LOTS of coupons/inserts.  I keep the whole inserts in tact and labeled, while clipping only major coupons…busy schedules don’t really yield extra time for major clipping.


How do you like to keep your coupons organized?!? Let us know!!!

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Changes to

by Cristi on August 12, 2012. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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Have you been on lately? If you have, you may have noticed a change…it’s a bit more difficult to search by zip code for particular coupons.  Here’s a quick way to show you how to search…

*Across the top of the page, click the “LOCAL COUPONS” tab

*You’ll notice the zip code tab pop up in the left corner of the page, Enter the zip code and click the yellow arrow

It’s just that simple! Happy printing!!!

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Coupon Basics- So Where Do I Start?

by Cristi on July 10, 2012. This post may contain affiliate links.Affiliate Link

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kss coupon basicsYou have to crawl before you walk… I’d suggest starting off slow and get your footing when beginning to coupon.  What does that entail?  Well here what I would suggest…

Start with 1 or 2 local store that you frequent.  You can always increase as time allows, but start small so that you don’t become overwhelmed with the process!

Start gathering newspaper inserts, printing coupons, and/or clipping coupons for items that you may use/need. As we mentioned before, there are several resources where you can grab coupons, so take advantage if you can!  And remember, most printable coupons can be printed twice! 

Begin reviewing the store’s weekly ads to see what’s on sale, etc. Once you start getting comfortable with using coupons and purchasing items in this fashion, you can start increasing the amount of coupons that you collect (eg. find/purchase several newspaper inserts, and printing out multiple coupons).  Slow and steady wins the race… no need to jump in and try to score BIG on your first “go” at it, it’ll almost always lead to “coupon frustration”.

Big savings take time (and effort), so the more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it!


To keep yourself organized and to prevent becoming overwhelmed, you’ll want to figure out a coupling system that works best for you.

It really depends on your personal organization habits.  Whether it’s in dated folders, binders, envelopes or a combination of the sorts… organization is key!  You need to keep them in a manner that will allow you to get to the coupon of interest FAST!

Keeping the coupon and coupon insert organized by name and date works best for me. So when you see on my posts 7/19 SS this stands for the Smart Source Coupon Insert from July 19th. This way you can just print shopping lists from my site and head over to your coupon inserts and just clip the ones you need!

Good luck and HAPPY COUPONING!!

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