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kss couponsThere are several ways to keep and protect those little money-makers we call coupons! While it will ultimately vary depending on how many coupon inserts you gather each week, here are a few ways to keep those babies organized…

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Envelope/Folder Method:  You can keep each insert whole, label them with the date and keep each week’s inserts in a folder or large envelope.  This option is good if you don’t have a lot of inserts each week.  BE SURE to label the insert as well as the folder in case they get separated so that you can keep them together 😉

Expandable File Method– You can use this option for those that keep a few inserts around each week.  Label both the insert as well as the tabs.  This is another great option if you’re not really into clipping all of those coupons and just looking for a way to keep organized.  On the other hand, you can clip your coupons and use this method by sectioning them off according to category.

Binder– This is a great option for those who keep a lot of coupons!  It’s a good way to keep all of those clipped coupons organized and readily available to “go” anytime you need to make a run to the store! The Coupon Clutch is a great place to go for these as we’ve posted promotions from them several times before (in is included in the pic above).  I used this ALL THE TIME when I didn’t have TONS of coupons to clip and it worked beautifully! Just organize by category and clip away 😉


coOther Coupon Organizer Methods– If you recall, I recently reviewed the ShopKeeper Coupon Organizer from our very own Carie 😉 It’s a good alternative for those of us who clip… but not EVERYTHING! Use it to store coupons, lists AND weekly ads (or whole inserts if you’re on the run one particular week)!  It’s more like an ALL-IN-ONE. I actually use this, combined with the envelope/folder option considering I keep LOTS of coupons/inserts.  I keep the whole inserts in tact and labeled, while clipping only major coupons…busy schedules don’t really yield extra time for major clipping.


How do you like to keep your coupons organized?!? Let us know!!!

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1 Edie January 16, 2014 at 5:54 pm

How long do we generally need to keep weekly whole inserts? Is the only way to figure this out by looking through each insert and seeing when the latest expiration date of every coupon is, or is there an easier way?


Cristi 2 Cristi January 17, 2014 at 9:06 am

I hang on to my inserts for about 2-3 months, which is why it’s good to keep a filing system going. After 3 months the coupons start expiring typically, unless it is a Proctor & Gamble insert… which is only good for 1 month!

You can just toss them or take the time to sort through expiration dates but I typically toss them…I will admit though, that has come back to bite be a few times 🙂


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